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Your Travel Partner in the Himalaya

Welcome To TAGnepal!

TAGnepal is a registered trekking, tour and mountaineering operator, owned by professional and expert team of nationally and internationally recognized mountain guides, high altitude climbing Sherpas and treks and tour leaders with years of experience in the related field. Our field team also includes highly skilled and motivated staffs to ensure quality service and safety of our visitors during their traveling experience. Be it a simple leisurely city tour or adrenaline-fused Himalayan adventure, TAGnepal is always ready to be “Your partner in the Himalayas” in every possible way!

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Everest Expedition Summit Push


Manaslu Expedition (8163m)

Manaslu (8163m), a name derived from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning “Mountain of the Spirit”, is the eighth highest peak in the world. Manaslu is a part of Gorkha massif located some 40 miles e...

Kanchenjunga Expedition (8586m)

Kanchenjunga (8586 m), the third highest mountain in the world, literally means “The Five Treasures of the Snow”. Located in far-eastern Nepal, it demarcates the country’s frontier with India in...

Amadablam Expedition (6812m)

Amadablam (6812m) is one of the most popular and perhaps the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. It rises impressively a few miles due south of Mt. Everest and Lhotse and overlooks the famed Tengboche ...

Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang, a small valley sandwiched between the main Himalayan range to the north and slightly lower range of snowy peaks to the Tibetan border to the...

Ghorepani Poon Hill Cultural Trekking

Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking, which is also known as small Annapurna Circuit trekking, is very popular among trekkers visiting Nepal. The trek route i...

Upper Mustang Trekking

Mustang, a long lost kingdom, radiates the aura of mystery and seclusion. So, this hidden kingdom can be fascinating to those who crave for wilderness...

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a well-known trekking adventure and offers a great sense of an authentic trek. The trek encircles sky-high Annapurna range i...

Kathmandu, Nagarkot and Pokhara

This trip starts with the cultural insights of Kathmandu Valley that showcase the Golden Age of Nepali medieval art and architecture within the widely...

Kathmandu and Chitwan Tour

This five-day tour offers you some insightful opportunities to explore the cultural and natural highlights of Kathmandu and Chitwan. The trip starts w...

Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel and Namobuddha

This trip brings you to the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley namely Hindu shrine Pashupatinath; the largest Buddhist stupa of the country, Bou...

Central Bhutan Tour

Central Bhutan is a repertoire of the most significant historical and religious heritages of Bhutan. This tour takes you through three passes (Dochula...


Nepal holds the civilization of mountains. Out of world’s 14 peaks, 8 Himalayan peaks above 8000m; more than 90 peaks above 7000m and 1300 peaks above 6000m stand tall in this Himalayan region. In addition to the abundance of natural beauty, it is also a home to more than 130 ethnic groups having their own distinct culture and language, co-existing within a wonderful fusion of Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions. So, the mission of TAGnepal is to be a premium team that can be an emissary of Nepal to the world. We seek to promote mountains and cultures of Nepal by delivering value-based authentic travel services through innovation, expertise and responsible practices. We make every possible effort to make our visitors’ travel experience of Nepal a lifetime memory. Welcome to the journey of Exploration and Experience with TAGnepal!

Our Values/What guides us:

  • Prime concern to guests’ interests and safety
  • Promotion of Nepal
  • Value based services
  • Innovation in programs and services
  • Respecting the mountains and the surrounding
  • Giving back to the communities


The company envisions making Nepal a “brand-TAG” destination for mountaineering, adventures and cultural tours to all types of travelers including mountaineers, adventures, sports enthusiasts, trekkers, holidaymakers, volunteers etc. To meet this vision, TAGnepal aims to be a one-stop solution for the promotion and deliverance of quality and responsible tourism services to inbound travelers worldwide.


TAGnepal is proudly working with partner agents from Europe and South America. We together organize and lead treks, tours, expeditions and other tourism activities in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. If you are from the area of our agents, we would recommend you to contact with them directly for more accurate and detailed information in your own language. Besides, for the wider scope of our products and services, we are also looking forward to collaborating with national and international partner companies, guides or leaders and individuals. If you are interested in joining us, it will be our great pleasure to work as your reliable partner agent in Nepal.

Review & Testimonials

  • Truly one of the most fascinating individuals I’ve met in my life…meet Tendi Sherpa. He has an aura that captivates the attention of everyone within his reach and his personality glows so bright he could light a room. Tendi has 10 summits of Mt. Everest (and counting). This season, he became the first Nepali to summit Aconcagua by the Polish Glacier Direct route. Congratulations Tendi! It was great to meet you! Good luck this May 🙂

    Dave Schaeffer

  • Tendi Sherpa was one of the leader/guides during my attempt to climb the highest point on the planet outside of the Himalayas – Aconcagua, in the Andes of Argentina, with my two sons and nephew in 2013. What a tremendous honour it was. Later that year, my daughter and I caught up with Tendi in Kathmandu, where we met his family and were shown his astonishing variety of well-kept climbing gear. Tendi is well-respected in the Sherpa and wider Nepalese communities, and other guides and climbers seek out his guidance. He has summited Everest with clients on multiple occasions, as well as other peaks around the world. His strength and perseverance, his knowledge and common sense, and his courage are legendary. His self-effacing nature, sparkling personality, politeness and sense of humour serve him well on the mountains, where things do not always go to plan. I would travel with him anywhere! From your friend Robert Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Robert Brisbane

  • I reached the summit of Mount Everest in May 2012 and Tendi Sherpa, with his experience of 10 previous summits, was crucial in such an accomplishment. During my stay in the Himalayas, I asked Tendi lots of questions about his culture, religion, etc. Maybe my questions were very silly, considering I belong to the Occidental World. It´s such a different culture! But I always found Tendi ready to share all his knowledge with humility and kindness. I had the opportunity to meet Tendi in a two-month expedition in the Himalayas. During that time I got to know a kindhearted person who not only made me laugh with his jokes, but also had the right words in the most difficult situations I had to undergo. It`s amazing to see how many characteristics coexist in the same person; the innocence of a curious young man, the determination of an experienced climber, and the permanent good mood of a wise person. Even during the toughest moments of the expedition, there he was, with his wide smile, ready for a friendly chat. Hernan Carracedo Neuquén, Argentina www.everest2012.com.ar

    Hernan Carracedo

  • “We just summited Aconcagua, the first Nepali and the first Russian female to summit via Polish Glacier route. Tendi turned to me and said: “Now you do not need a guide to climb Aconcagua.” Ha! Tendi raised the bar! Thank you, dai, for bringing me closer to my aspiration of climbing unguided and unsupported; for making me a better climber and a better human being; leading me to great heights both mountains and spiritual. In the presence of Tendi Sherpa, one will find sound guidance, risk assessment, decision making, safety priority, and the highest level of expertise. Tendi is a true guide at heart, phenomenal climber and a beautiful human being. Thank you for your guidance and your friendship, Tendi!” Olya Lapina, entrepreneur, climber Sanfrancisco, USA www.mountica.com

    Olya Lapina

  • Just had the most extraordinary brunch with Tendi – the guy on the left – who is visiting SF this week. He works as a sherpa on Mt Everest and has summitted mountains above 25,000 feet a total of 51 times. He puts himself in harms way almost daily, has an incredibly infectuous smile, the peaceful spirit of a man who contemplates life from the tops of mountains, and a wonderfully engaged way in life. Thank you Olya Lapina – and good luck to the two of you on Mt Ranier next week!

    Kelly Porter

News Update

05 Jul,16

Some more updates on TAGnepal Everest Expedition Team, North Side

On 17th May, TAGnepal team again headed up from Base Camp (5,100m) to Advance Base Camp (6,400 m). It took them 5 hours to reach there. Now, they will scale up to North Col (7020m) and continue climbi ...

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05 Jul,16

TAG Everest Expedition Team descends to North Col

TAG Everest Expedition Second Phase Update: All 9 climbing members along with the support team have descended and reached North Col (7020m) safely today at 1:30 pm local Nepali time. Now, they are co ...

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05 Jul,16

TAGnepal’s Everest Records 2016!

“Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get” TAG Team’s Everest success has yet another story of Happiness we all are proud of! And we are ...

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Ganesh Himalayan Trekking
5 Best Off-the-Beaten Trekking Destinations in Nepal
02 May 2017

If you want an authentic Himalayan experience in Nepal, but want to avoid the “butt-brushing” factor in the peak seasons, or simply want to experience the quietude and tranquility of the Himalayas...

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new zealand
My Eight Weeks in New Zealand
07 Apr 2017

By Tendi Sherpa, Executive Director TAGnepal Treks and Expeditions This time I got a fabulous opportunity to start the year with some mountaineering enthusiasts in New Zealand. I was there to work ...

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Maha Shivaratri in Pashupatinath
24 Feb 2017

The roads are thronged with saffron clad Sadhus with impressive dreadlock and the most bizarre looking pattern on their faces and ashes smeared body. These esoteric Sadhus are seemed to be engrossed...

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