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Tour in Tibet

Tibet is the heartland of Buddhism. So, Tibet tour allows you to experience some of the finest spiritual and cultural spectacles of the Himalayan region. Throughout the tour, you will travel past the arid plateaus, visit monuments and monasteries, enjoy the immense beauty of mountains and meet warm and hospitable Tibetan people. Monasteries full of the elaborate images of Buddhas, Boddhisatvas, Taras and spirits will leave you in awe. You will experience a completely different civilization of devotees, monks and nomads during your trip. As life is so much imbued with religion, history and awe-inspiring landscape, Tibet is the place which will never cease to amaze you. You will be guided by an English speaking local guide throughout the tour which will give you an opportunity to have a more genuine and insightful travel experience.


Photo - Kathmandu Lhasa Cultural Tour

Kathmandu Lhasa Cultural Tour takes you to the heart of Tibetan culture and history. The tour starts and ends in Kathmandu. So, this tour also offers some cultural insights of Kathmandu Valley. Once you enter Tibet, you will be welcomed by the dramatic highland plateau, passes, turquoise lakes and Himalayan panorama. Along with the natural wonders,...

Trip Type: Sightseeing TourDuration: 15 daysTrip Code: TT01

Photo - Tibet Kailash Mansarovar Tour

Tibet Kailash Mansarovar Tour is a cultural, natural and spiritual journey to the most sacred mountain of Asia. Mount Kailash (6700m), located in far west corner of Tibet is a symmetrical cone shaped rocky mountain,is revered as the holiest pilgrimage site by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons. Different religious believers consider the mountain as ...

Trip Type: Sightseeing TourDuration: 25 daysTrip Code: TT02

Photo - Lhasa Everest Kathmandu Overland Tour

Lhasa Everest Kathmandu Overland Tour will take you on a journey of Tibetan plateau including its capital Lhasa and Everest Base Camp. This 12 day tour starts and ends in Kathmandu. So, you will also get the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical wonders of Kathmandu. Once you are in Lhasa, the mystical wonders of Tibet starts unfolding...

Trip Type: Sightseeing TourDuration: 10 daysTrip Code: TT03