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Your Travel Partner in the Himalaya

Responsible Tourism

As a tourism entrepreneur, TAGnepal believes that responsible tourism is the only way to save nature, preserve culture and promote the local economy through sustainable practices. Therefore, responsible tourism has always been our core value and driving principle. Typically, our social enterprise involves all those tourism practices that care about nature, culture and local economy as tourism activities in Nepal always involve traveling to fragile terrain, heritage sites and distant settlements. Our responsible practices include the following initiatives.

  • Train our staffs to follow socially, environmentally and culturally responsible practices.
  • Strictly follow the garbage management rules of Nepal Government during mountaineering expedition.
  • Provide trekking and mountaineering trainings to the youths of deprived and marginal communities.
  • Promote the use of local products and services.
  • Employ local guides and porters in all our trips.
  • Adhere to the workload limit of 30kg to the porters in low altitude and respectively lesser in higher altitude.
  • Ensure that our guides and porters are well equipped, well facilitated and insured.
  • Help the local communities by donating for the education of needy children.
  • Customize our trips in such a way that they wont trespass the restricted and fragile terrain.
  • Follow eco friendly practices both in office and field to minimize waste production.

We work hard to make our customers’ travelling experience guilt free. And we also expect them to respect the local people, their respective cultures and environment to make the whole cross-cultural sharing a rewarding experience among us!