Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping in Nepal is one of the most impressive bungy jumps in the world. There are two bungy jumping operations in Nepal so far. The first one is at Bhote Koshi river run by The Last Resort. The spot is close to Nepal & Tibet border and can be accessed within 3 hours by bus from Kathmandu. This amazing bungy jumping is 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhote Koshi River gorge. Anyone can imagine the thrill of jumping from 160 ft into the wild gorge with roaring Bhote Koshi below. This bungy jumping site has the longest free fall in the world. Another bungy jumping spot is in Pokhara operated by High Ground Adventures. It’s called as tower bungy or water touch bungy, in which you will jump from a 70m high tower into a pool. It is also claimed to be the highest water touch bungy in the world. Just 20 minutes’ drive from lakeside Pokhara will take you to the scenic spot of Hemja. It is the latest adventure activity started in Pokhara and is sure to be in the bucket-list of those who visit Pokhara.