Manaslu Expedition (8163m) - 63 days

Manaslu (8163m), a name derived from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning “Mountain of the Spirit”, is the eighth highest peak in the world. Manaslu is a part of Gorkha massif located some 40 miles east of Mt. Annapurna. Manaslu’s long ridges and valley glaciers offer feasible approaches from all directions to ultimately culminate in a peak that towers steeply above its surroundings landscape. This is a dominant feature of the peak when seen from afar. The climb to the top of Manaslu poses moderate technical difficulty. But the actual difficulty lies in the fact that the peak is remotely located. After an arduous trek to the Base Camp, the climber has to take a circuitous route up the mountain infamous for heavy accumulation of snow. Avalanches and sheer exhaustion are the major obstacles that one has to encounter while attempting this peak. Incidentally, Manaslu is the first 8000-m peak to have been successfully scaled by a Japanese women expedition team.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel
Day 02: Kathmandu (briefing)
Day 03: Drive to Arughat – Soti Khola
Day 04: Soti Khola to Machha Khola
Day 05: Machha Khola to Jagat
Day 06: Jagat to Nagyang Besi
Day 07: Nagyang Besi to Namrung
Day 08: Namrung to Lho Gaun
Day 09: Lho Gaun to Sama Gaun
Day 10: Sama Gaun to Base Camp, visit Brenda Lake
Day 11-50: Climbing Period
Day 51: Base Camp to Samdo
Day 52: Samdo to Dharmasala
Day 53: Dharmasala to Bhimtang
Day 54: Bhimtang to Goa
Day 55: Goa to Dharapani
Day 56: Dharapani to Besisahar by jeep
Day 57: Drive to Kathmandu
Day 58: Free day at Kathmandu, Farewell Cultural Dinner
Day 59: Transfer to airport for international departure

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1400m)

As the wide array of silvery Himalayas is visible from the window pane of your plane, you are flying above Nepal. Nepal unfolds its treasure before your actual landing in Nepal. After a few minutes of hide and seek with Himalayas, you will land in Kathmandu. You will be warmly welcomed as per Nepali culture with garland at the airport terminal by a company representative and a driver. A private vehicle will escort you through the vibrant streets of Kathmandu to your designated hotel. Our representative will help you in your check-in procedure and will brief you about the tour beginning the next day.

Day 02: Kathmandu (briefing)

You will be briefed by your climbing guide on the technicalities, gears, equipment, shopping, legal formality, health precautions, safety tips and other last hour preparations. After briefing, you can spend the rest of your day in last hour shopping and preparation.

Day 03: Drive to Arughat Bazar – Soti Khola (7hour bus from Kathmandu, 30 minutes jeep from Arughat to Soti 600m)

The journey to Arughat Bazaar (600m) in Gorkha district will take about 7 hrs. You will travel through Prithivi Highway till half way and then leave the way and head towards Arughat. The place which is a small market full of shops and lodges is next to Budhi Gandhi river. Once you reach there, you will head towards to Soti Khola in a jeep which will take about half an hour. You will stay overnight in one of the local lodges.

Day 04: Soti Khola to Machha khola (1300m)

From Soti Khola, you trek through beautiful Gurung and Magar villges enjoying the views of Shringri Himal. Along with the beautiful panorama, you will also pass through lush vegetation and small waterfalls. As the place is hot and humid, you can see fields of paddy, maize and millet during the cultivation season. After a day’s trek, you will reach Macha Khola, which literally means “Fish River”. The village has got its name from the river that flows below it.

Day 05: Macha Khola to Jagat (1410m)

The trail from Macha Khola to Jagat passes through Khorlebeshi. Traversing through jungle, villages, streams and terraced fields, you can also see larger Gurung settlements up above the trail. You will also come across a place called “Tato Pani” where there are hot water spouts under the cliffs. One can enjoy hot water shower there. From here, you will pass through Dobhan and Yaruphant. Doban which literally means “a confluence” is a junction between Shiar Khola and Sarpu Khola. After you pass Yaruphant across Budhi Gandaki River, you will come to Jagat (1410m). You have to show your MCAP permit here.

Day 06: Jagat to Nagyang Besi (2340m)

Today’s trek includes some steep uphill and downhill, however, the trek is not very strenuous. You have to climb up to Salleri (1440m) then descend to Sirdibas (1430m). You don’t have to trek for sustained period of time and you will be refreshed by the wonderful views of Sringri Himal (7187m). After walking across a suspension bridge, Nepal’s largest suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki, you will reach Philim (1590m), a heavily settled village of Gurung community surrounded by rich fields. As you continue, you will pass through “Ekle Bhatti” (1600m) which literally means a lone teashop. But you can see few more shops there. As you move ahead, you will find trail junction; the right one leading to Tsum Valley, the left one leading to Manaslu Circuit. After taking the way to Manaslu circuit, you will cross a concrete bridge and walk a little further to reach Nagyang Besi.

Day 07: Nagyang Besi to Namrung (2660m)

Once you continue from Nagyang Besi through some local teashops, we can have the great view of Shringi Himal and Tsum Valley towards the north. After going some uphills and downhills along Lalung Khola, you will arrive at Deng, a picturesque village inhabited by Gurungs. Beyond Deng, you will cross a bridge and trek past Rana (1980m) and pass Bihi (2130m), a village popularly known for stone carving. The mani walls that will come afterwards reflect the richness of their craftsmanship.  The trail follows Budhi Gandaki on its left, with some canyons and villages perched along till you reach Ghap (2160m). Continuing your journey through fir, rhododendron and pine forest, and meandering trail; you will come to Namrung (2660m), a small village with shops, restaurants and lodges. You can also observe the craftsmanship of Bihi and worth watching architecture of houses with common courtyard.

Day 8: Namrung to Lho Gaun (3200m)

The trail will pass through mani walls, fields, alpine forest and sparsely settled houses. After passing through Banjam (2800m), Lihi and Sho villages, you will come to Lho village (3180m). It is a small settlement with people still practicing old age Tibetan traditional. You will even see people in their traditional costumes. You will get to see the combination of long array of mani walls, monastery and the magnificient views of Manaslu (8163m) and Manaslu North (7157m).

Day 09: Lhogaun to Sama Gaon (3520m)

Today you have just a short trek of about 3 hours. The trek will pass through pine and rhododendron forests, crystal clear brooks, and Shyala village (3500m). While you enjoy the amazing views of Manaslu towards the south, you will reach Sama Gaun (3520m). As you enter the village, the untouched beauty of the village including the pasturelands, herds of yaks, sparse fields of potatoes and barley, and the houses made out of rock niche will overwhelm you. As you have some spare time, you can explore the neighboring areas like Pungyen Gompa or nearby Pema Chyoling Gompa.

Day 10: Sama Gaon to Base Camp (4800m), visit Birendra Lake

Today on the way to the Base Camp, you will visit Birendra Tal (3450m), named after Late King Birendra. The turquoise Himalayan lake is just a short diversion from the main trekking trail. After that, you will continue to trek to Manaslu Base Camp (4800m). The Camp lies at the north of Manaslu glacier. As you climb up through the moraine, the views become more stupendous with ever welcoming mountains above and glacial view below. After around 3-4 hours’ trek up the steep trail, you will reach the Base Camp. The Camp becomes full of life and color during climbing season.

Day 11-50: Climbing period

In the initial days of climbing, you will do climbing preparations, trainings, practices and acclimatize. Once you start climbing, you will follow our experienced climbing guides. Throughout the period, extra precautions are taken regarding the safety and success of the expedition. As you go higher, you will set up several camps till you reach the summit. After your successful summit, you will descend back to the Base Camp.

Day 51: Base Camp to Samdo (3875m)

From the Base Camp, you will not retrace the journey back the same trail but continue further to make a complete Manaslu Circuit. The trail from Samdo is full of wider pasturelands, juniper trees and long mani walls. As you are near to the village, you have to cross a wooden bridge above Budhi Gandaki. Samdo (3860m) is a big village of yak herding community. After you reach there, you can wander through the surrounding area as a day excursion. One of the best views could be of nearby Samdo peak.

Day 52: Trek to Dharmasala (4469m)

You will continue walking through entailing mani walls, wandering blue sheep, grazing yaks and entrancing views. As you come closer to Larkya Bazar, which is just a ruin of once flourished marketplace, you will have to cross Budhi Gandaki river again. After crossing Larkya Bazar, you have to walk through glacier to reach Dharmasala (4469m) finally. Throughout the way, the views of Himalayan panorama will get ever more revealing and awe-inspiring.

Day 53: Trek to Bimthang via Larkya La (5213m)

Today is the longest trek day and you have to start early as you have to pass Larkya La (5213 m) before it gets windy in the late morning. As you leave Dharmashala, you have to climb steadily over the ridge next to moraine of Larke glacier. After passing some glaciers with gradual ascent, you will come to a steep section which will lead to the top of Larkya La (5160m) marked by prayers’ flags, the highest point of the whole trip. You need to be properly dressed as it can be biting cold with lots of wind. The surrounding views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru and the massive Annapurna II, are wonderful from this point. After some time of sighting, you will descend down a treacherous slope and continue past Ponkar Lake (4500m). After a day long strenuous walk, you will finally arrive Bhimthang (3720m), a beautiful village with awesome views of Manaslu, Himlung and Cheo Himal.

Day 54: Trek to Goa (2515m)

After Bhimthang, the trail will lead you pass moraine, rhododendron forests and the magnificient view of Manaslu. As you descend rapidly, you will pass Hompuk (3420m) and Karche (2700m) along the riverside and reach Goa (2560m), a Gurung village with some lodges and facilities. You can still have the superb view of Manaslu from here.

Day 55: Trek to Dharapani (1963m)

As you trek down, the valley starts getting more inhabited with arable land patches. However, you wont still lose sight of oak and rhododendron forest. Walking along Dudh Khola literally meaning “milk river” for its color, you will trek past Tilije (2300m) and Thonje (1900m). After this point, you will join the main round-Annapurna circuit. As you cross a long suspension bridge over Marshyandi, you will take left turn to Dharapani (1963m). The place is one of the major stopovers of Annapurna trail and offers many choices for accommodation and other facilities.

Day 56: Jeep to Besisahar (670m) – 4hour Jeep

After a four-hour jeep drive, you will arrive at Besisahar (670m). As you drive along Marshyangdi river, you will pass several villages which will give a widening insight of Nepali rural life.

Day 57: Bus or Jeep to Kathmandu (1400m)

A 7-hour bus ride will take you to Kathmandu, where you will be welcomed at your hotel. The rest of the day, you can just relax to let go off the trek or engage in strolling down the streets and doing some shopping.

Day 58: Free day at Kathmandu, Farewell Cultural Dinner

After the long exhausting trek, you might have worn out a bit. Today, you can do some relaxation activities or just take some rest and connect will your friends and family back home. You can also just wander down the lively streets of Thamel and Asan and buy some souvenirs. In the evening your tour officer will pick you up for the dinner at one of the cultural restaurants of Thamel. Enjoy the evening with TAGnepal! After the dinner, you will be escorted back to your hotel.

Day 59: Transfer to airport for international departure

Your tour officer and a driver will be at your hotel reception to pick you up three hours prior to your departure. You will be transferred to the airport in a private vehicle. Our tour officer and driver will see you off. Have a safe flight back home!