Kanchenjunga Expedition (8586m) - 63 days

Kanchenjunga (8586 m), the third highest mountain in the world, literally means “The Five Treasures of the Snow”. Located in far-eastern Nepal, it demarcates the country’s frontier with India in the east and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China in the north. It is an enormous mountain mass with many satellite peaks rising from its narrow icy ridges. The Kanchenjunga region is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful places in the country as it is full of breathtaking landscape, glorious mountain vistas with a number of over 7000m peaks soaring to the sky, and a large variety of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered. The area is basically made up of lush alpine grasslands, rocky outcrops, dense sub-tropical and temperate forests, and a number of low river valleys.

The mountain was successfully scaled by a British expedition team back in 1955 from the Indian (Sikkim) side. However, as a mark of respect, the expedition stopped a few feet short of the summit and did not step on it as the local people consider the peak to be sacred, thus setting a trend that is honored till this day. Great mountaineers like Sir John Hunt, who led the expedition to Everest in 1953; and Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey who conquered the world’s tallest peak, have described Mt. Kanchenjunga as more difficult and dangerous to climb than even Everest itself.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel
Day 02: Kathmandu (briefing)
Day 03: Fly to Taplejung and trek to Sukhetar
Day 04: Sukhetar to Tembawa
Day 05: Tembawa to Kesewa
Day 06: Kesewa to Manan Khe
Day 07: Manan Khe to Yamphuding
Day 08: Yamphuding to Omjekhola
Day 09: Omjekhola to Toromdin
Day 10: Toromdin to Tseram
Day 11: Tseram to Ramche
Day 12: Ramche to Oktam
Day 13: Oktam or Glacier Camp
Day 14: Glacier Camp to Base Camp
Day 15-55: Climbing period
Day 56: Base Camp to Tseram
Day 57: Tseram to Lamite Bhanjyang
Day 58: Lamite Bhanjyang to Yamphuding
Day 59: Yamphuding to Kunjari
Day 60: Kunjari to Sukhetar
Day 61: Fly back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
Day 62: Kathmandu
Day 63: Transfer to airport for international departure

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1400m)

As the wide array of silvery Himalayas is visible from the window pane of your plane, you are flying above Nepal. Nepal unfolds its treasure before your actual landing in Nepal. After a few minutes of hide and seek with Himalayas, you will land in Kathmandu. You will be warmly welcomed as per Nepali culture with garland at the airport terminal by a company representative and a driver. A private vehicle will escort you through the vibrant streets of Kathmandu to your designated hotel. Our representative will help you in your check-in procedure and will brief you about the tour beginning the next day.

Day 02: Kathmandu (briefing)

You will be briefed by your climbing guide on the technicalities, gears, equipment, shopping, legal formality, health precautions, safety tips and other last hour preparations. After briefing, you can spend the rest of your day in last hour shopping and preparation.

Day 03: Fly to Taplejung/Sukhetar (2840m)

Today you will fly to Suketar Airport, Taplejung. A panoramic flight of about an hour will take you to Taplejung, the gateway to Kanchenjunga Trek. Once you land at the airport, you will find yourself on a highland plateau surrounded by beautiful Himalayan ranges. Then after, you will walk to one of the local guesthouses.

Day 04: Sukhetar to Tembewa (1880m)

After your breakfast, you will walk downhill through small trail along Surke Danda. You will continue to descend gradually for about five hours till you reach Tembewa, a Limbu village; after passing Tembewa river. Throughout the trek, you will see beautiful pasturelands, rhododendron forests and settlements.

Day 05: Lali Kharka to Kesewa (2120m)

As you start today, you will walk downhill to Pokara village. The trail then leads you to a suspension bridge on Phawa Khola (1430m). As you move ahead, you can have the first view of Kanchenjunga. Once you are near Kesewa, you have to walk uphill a bit. From the village, you can have the rewarding view of Kanchenjunga. Today’s trek will come to an end after walking for about 5-6 hours.

Day 06: Kesewa to Manan Khe (1920m)

From Keswa, you will walk along steep trails, passing through glaciated passes, jungles and beautiful hamlets. Following Kabeli khola, you will pass through Anpan, Ponpe Dhara and cross a bridge before finally reaching Manankhe. En route, you can enjoy the wonderful views of mountains, terraced fields, waterfalls and valleys.

Day 07: Manan Khe to Yamphuding (2080m)

Today’s trek is not very strenuous as the trail is almost flat. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach Yamphuding. You will cross the ridges, rivers, crystal clear pools and finally reach Yamphuding. It’s a big village tucked beneath the ridge of Deurali Dada, at the junction of Omje Khola and Kabeli Khola. People of different ethnicties including Sherpa, Limbu, Rai and Gurung live there. Being a remote settlement also, the village is an idyllic place with some good lodging facilities compared to other neighboring places.

Day 08: Yamphuding to Omjekhola (2340m)

The trail starts ascending from Yamphuding and passes through meadows and forests. Relishing the views of Omje Valley and Deorali Danda to the north, you will continue your journey. After passing the meadows to Dhupi Bhanjyang, you will start descending through fern bushes and trees till you reach Omje Khola, where you will spend the night today.

Day 09: Omjekhola to Toromdin (2990m)

From Omje Khola you will start ascending till you reach the ridge of Deorali Danda. From the pass, you can see the beautiful views of Mt Jannu. After enjoying the view, you will start descending through forests to the valley of Simbua Khola. Following the trail upstream through ups and downs, you will finally reach Toromdin after crossing a bridge.

Day 10: Toromdin to Tseram (3870m)

You will continue your trek along the riverbank. As you continue, you will leave forest behind and pass through alpine bushes. En route, you can see the magnificent views of Yalung Glacier, and towering Mt Kabry and Rathong towards the east. Tseram is a small village settled at a flat meadow with an incredible viewpoint.

Day 11: Tseram to Ramche (4850m)

Today’s walk is comparatively shorter and easier. As you move ahead, you can see alpine lakes, sparkling streams and have a real close-up view of Kokthan, Rathong and Kabru. They appear so close that you feel like you can touch them. Passing through valley alongside the moraine of Yalung Glacier, pasturelands and lake at Lapsang (4620m), you will reach the meadow of Ramche.

Day 12: Ramche to Oktam (4730m)

Following the Yalung glacier, you will walk up gaining more altitude. Every step brings you closer to the mountains. You may also see some blue sheep on the rock face. You can have the incredible panoramic view of Mt Kanchenjunga summits at 8420m, 8586m, and 8474m along the ridge. Your gradual walk will come to an end when you reach Oktam.

Day 13: Oktam to Glacier Camp

Today you will head towards Glacier Camp following a stream alongside the moraine. En route you will enjoy the stunning view of Kanchenjunga’s satellite peaks towering from its narrow icy ridges, Jannu and Kabru. After you reach Glacier Camp, you will pitch your tent for the day.

Day 14: Glacier Camp to Base Camp

Today is one of the most crucial days of the whole expedition as you will reach the base of Kanchenjunga from where you will start the real adventure of the trip. The Base Camp can be spotted easily in the white blanket of snow as it is marked by prayers’ flags offered by the travelers and mountaineers.

Day 15-55: Climbing period

In the initial days of climbing, you will do climbing preparations, trainings, practices and acclimatization. Once you start climbing, you will follow our experienced climbing guides. Throughout the period, extra precautions are taken regarding the safety and success of the expedition. As you go higher, you will set up several camps till you reach the summit. After the successful summit, you will descend down to the Base Camp.

Day 56: Base Camp to Tseram (3870m)

After the successful summit of Mt. Kanchenjunga, you will retrace your journey from the Base Camp to Tseram. You will start early today and find yourself in much comfort at the end of the day at Tseram.

Day 57: Tseram to Lamite Bhanjyang (3310m)

From Tseram, you will walk past Toromdin and reach Lamite Bhanjyang. Now, every step you take will take you away from the stunning mountain range. You will walk along Simbua Khola to reach the stopover of the day.

Day 58: Lamite Bhanjyang to Yamphuding  (2080m)

As you lose altitude, you will feel warmer and find yourself among lush forests and beautiful settlements.

Day 59: Yamphuding to Kunjari (1928m)

Passing through Mamangkhe and Kesewa (where you stopped earlier), you will reach Kunjari just ahead of Tembewa.

Day 60: Kunjari to Sukhetar (2840m)

You will pass through typical hamlets and pasturelands. As you approach Suketar, you have walk uphill. Suketar is the last destination of Kanchenjunga trek before you fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 61: Fly back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Bidding the last wave to Kanchenjunga region, you will fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 62: Free day at Kathmandu, Farewell Cultural Dinner

After the long exhausting trek, you might have worn out a bit. Today, you can do some relaxation activities or just take some rest and connect will your friends and family back home. You can also just wander in the lively streets of Thamel and Asan and buy some souvenirs. In the evening your tour officer will pick you up for the dinner at one of the cultural restaurants of Thamel. Enjoy the evening with TAGnepal. After the dinner, you will be escorted back to your hotel.

Day 63: Transfer to airport for international departure

Your tour officer and a driver will be at your hotel reception to pick you up three hours prior to your departure. You will be transferred to the airport in a private vehicle. Our tour officer and driver will see you off. Have a safe flight back home!