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Towering Himalayas, raging Himalayan rivers, rich wildlife, antediluvian cultural, religious prosperity, cultural diversity and dramatic landscapes, and not to be missed very pleasant people; you must be sure by now that Nepal is simply a must visit wonderland!

Nepal, which is officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a small sovereign state in South Asia. Spread over an area of 147,181 square kilometers, it measures 800 kilometers long and 150 to 250 kilometers wide. It’s a landlocked country, surrounded by India to the East, West and South; and by Tibet, China’s autonomous region to the North. Nepal has a tremendous geographical diversity in comparison to its seemingly insignificant landmass in the world map. The elevation dramatically rises from 59 metres (194 ft) in the tropical Terai to perennial snowline including Mt. Everest, 8,848 metres (29,029 ft), the highest point on Earth. This dramatic elevation has resulted in diversified climatic zones, biodiversity and rich natural heritages including 8 out of 10 world’s highest mountains, rivers, lakes, deep gorges, canyons, valleys and more than 20 protected areas.

Nepal has the population of approximately 27 million among which about 80% follow Hinduism, 10% follow Buddhism, and rest follow Islam, Kiratism, Christianity and animism. Though, the population following Buddhism seems comparatively much lesser, it has greater influence on Nepal’s history and culture, and interestingly enough, a significant number of hill inhabitants follow both Hinduism and Buddhism. Besides, Nepal also takes pride in being a home to more than 100 ethic groups speaking more than 90 different languages. Due to this wide cultural diversification, Nepal has become a live cultural museum. One can witness the cultural and artistic wonders of Nepal in different UNESCO World Heritage sites. Thus, Nepal can be said to be truly blessed with both natural and cultural splendor at their best!

Because of Nepal’s natural and cultural richness, it offers a wide range of adventurous activities including unbelievable Himalayan adventure, breathtaking Mountain Flights, exciting Water Rafting, amusing Bird Watching, thrilling Bungee Jump, unforgettable Trekking, diverse cultural encounter and many more.You are warmly welcome to explore this Himalayan nation of wonders!


Photo - Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in Nepal

The Himalayas always inspire and attract people around the globe. Mountaineering Expeditions are the most adventurous activity done in the Himalayas. Expeditions in the Himalayas range from 6500m to 8848m. Expeditions involve steep climbing at high altitude carrying load, setting up ropes and camps, cooking and camping where you choo...

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Photo - Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal ranges from the altitude of 5500m to 6600m.The peaks are under 7000m and anyone with moderate mountaineering skills and experience can climb them. Such peaks are the perfect combination for trekking and climbing. Peak climbing activities involve low, moderate or hard angle of snowy, icy and rocky slopes and trave...

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Photo - Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal

A tour in Nepal means visiting the exquisite temples, Buddhist stupas, age old palaces, finding solitude in hidden gardens, indulging oneself into ayurvedic spas and exploring the unique and unusual mix of Hindu & Buddhist culture. The colors, the people and their vibrant lifestyle will fill your senses. The snow capped mountain rang...

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Photo - Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal means walking along the foothills of the Himalayas on mountainous or hilly terrains, through one village to another and one mountain valley to another; exploring, discovering and experiencing both nature and culture at their best. In other words, it’s not just about gaining altitude, it means letting men and mountain m...

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Photo - Sports Adventure in Nepal

Sports Adventure in Nepal

Himalayas of Nepal is known as one of the best adventure destinations in the world due to its tremendously dramatic and diverse landscape in comparatively smaller area. The landscape is appropriate for diverse adventure activities in all weather conditions. Apart from Nepal’s popularity for trekking and mountaineering, Nepal also offer...

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