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Tours in Bhutan

Tour in Bhutan is all about visiting monasteries, ancient palaces and forts; observing sentinel mountains, serene valleys and getting infused with Buddhist culture. Buddhism is not just a part but the way of Bhutanese life. Wherever you go, you will be followed by the Buddhist myths and awed by the stories of great saints. Apart from the cultural spectacle like any other tours, you can also get the real close up experience of natural splendors. You will travel through passes, valleys and protected areas; and all the time you will be followed by the overlooking sparkling mountains. So, any traveler on a tour to Bhutan is sure to get an authentic Himalayan treasure without much effort as you are already in the heartland of this “Last Shangri-la” when you start your tour. Because of Bhutan’s strategy of “low volume, high quality” and corresponding exceptional services, traveling to Bhutan gives you a delight of an exclusive travelling experience.


Photo - Central Bhutan Tour

Central Bhutan is a repertoire of the most significant historical and religious heritages of Bhutan. This tour takes you through three passes (Dochula at 3100m, Pelela at 3300m and Yotongla at 3425 m) and the beautiful valleys of Phobjikha, the home of black necked crane; and Bumthang, the spiritual heartland of Bhutan. You will also visit histori...

Trip Type: Sightseeing TourDuration: 10 daysTrip Code: BT01